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The power of cold

Whether for performance enhancement or regeneration in sports – with 13 locations worldwide, we are one of the leading providers of wellness and recovery applications. Five applications that will convince you!

The most popular application: icebox

Cools your entire body down for three minutes at a minimum of -110°C

Visible improvements
Our icebox will help you lose weight, increase fitness or improve your skin appearance.
Do something good for yourself
This application can also support you in reducing stress or strengthening the immune system!
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Your beauty star: Cryofacial

Known from Hollywood: At -150 °C acne, wrinkles and even small scars are visibly reduced

The fresh kick for tired skin
Visibly reduces your wrinkles and dark circles. For lasting firm, young skin – without injections or surgery!
Acne and pimples goodbye!
You want to feel good looking in the mirror without makeup? Cryofacial is the natural solution!
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Your body magician: Cryoshaper

You want toned legs and a firm butt? Reduce love handles and cellulite with the Cryoshaper!

Destroys annoying love handles
Hello Beachbody! Tightens your problem areas and makes them look healthy and beautiful.
Scientifically proven
Scientists at Harvard University prove that fat cells react more strongly to cold than other body cells.
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Your everyday miracle: Cryospot

A -150°C cold ice jet specifically cools your problem areas and relieves discomfort

Versatile helper
Reduces inflammation, pain, tension and improves your overall well-being.
Why is Cryospot effective?
As numerous studies prove, cold has versatile, positive effects on our body.
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Our body hero: lymphatic massage

Stimulates your lymphatic system and boosts the detoxification and purification process

Compressed air, which helps!
The pleasant pressure wave massage is intended to positively support the body and organism in a natural way.
Choose between 6 massages
We will gladly advise you on your project and recommend the appropriate application.
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