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The Cryoshaper

Thanks to the Cryoshaper you can reduce fat cells, cellulite and wrinkles so that you can finally feel confident, free and completely comfortable in your body – without undergoing any surgery, crazy diets or months of work.

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You are standing in front of the mirror and wish you had toned, beautiful legs and a butt without cellulite? You are looking at your problem zones and wish that those annoying fat pads would just disappear?

Goodbye problem zones

And this is how it works

A team member talks with you about your figure wishes, advises you and adjusts the Cryoshaper individually to your goals. If you like, we will document your before-and-after effects technically and pictorially.
The Cryoshaper is placed on the corresponding zone. Through the alternating hot and cold phases, it can destroy your fat cells. These are then transported away via your body.
At the same time, it boosts the production of collagen so that your skin and body can become firm and beautifully shaped. You can start your everyday life again directly afterwards.

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Let our body magician convince you. Finally feel self-confident, free and completely comfortable again – without undergoing surgery. We look forward to seeing you!
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You want to feel really beautiful in summer in your favorite outfit, when jumping into the lake or during the after-work party? Then let us effectively and sustainably melt your unwelcome love handles.


Perfect, natural contouring and body shaping. Whether legs, butt, belly or face: Tighten and shape your new feel-good zones fantastically beautiful. Summer can come!


Our users report again and again that the Cryoshaper has finally given them the results they always dreamed of, but never achieved themselves. And that after just one session.


You can say goodbye to your dimples or stretch marks! Hello firm connective tissue and radiant skin!


``When your favorite pants fit again and you just feel comfortable again while looking in the mirror, it's a new sense of freedom. Full of self-confidence and love for your own body.``


The Cryoshaper is so quick and uncomplicated that you can drop by shortly after work or during your lunch break and get started right after.

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How do I book and pay for an application?
Simply click on one of the “Book appointment” buttons, select the application and a suitable date. Payment is made directly on site.
For whom is the Cryoshaper suitable?
The Cryoshaper is suitable for you, if you want to

  • Tighten your connective tissue,
  • get rid of fat deposits,
  • shape your body.

Especially for those with normal weight or slightly overweight, the Cryoshaper leads to a high level of satisfaction among users.

How does the Cryoshaper session work?
As soon as you are with us, you will be individually advised by our great, nice team and the Cryoshaper will be adjusted to your wishes. If you like, we will document technically and visually your before and after effects.
You lie down on a super comfortable couch and the Cryoshaper is put on. Don’t worry: our Cryoshaper doesn’t hurt. You can relax completely.
Afterwards, you can start your everyday life with new-found self-confidence.
What does the Cryoshaper do?
The Cryoshaper can transform your problem areas into comfort zones by

  • Destroying fat cells,
  • making your skin and body firm and beautiful,
  • soften cellulite and stretch marks.

Can I expect permanent results or do I need multiple sessions?
Most users report lasting and very fast effects. It may be that more sessions are recommended – it depends on the problem area and your goal. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see results after the first session, but that you will be able to reach your dream figure goals even better with further sessions! It is important that you eat this way after the session, so that new fat cells won’t be built up. If this happens, you should let our Cryoshaper do the magic for you again. Just come by and let us advise you! We are looking forward to it!
How long does the application take?
The application is super fast:

  • Chin = about 20 minutes
  • Abdomen, legs, arms or buttocks = up to 60 minutes

What measures have you taken with regard to Covid-19?
Our hygiene standards are basically Corona-compliant: we disinfect our booths, give 1:1 appointments, and our customers wear mouth-nose masks to protect their airways. Currently, we therefore only had to extend our measures to the extent that the mouth-nose protection should be worn during the entire stay.
Are there studies that confirm the effectiveness of the cryoshaper?
In addition to the numerous feedbacks from our customers, there are various scientific studies on different areas of cold applications. If you want to know more, you can find an overview here: Click here.
What do I have to consider before/after the application?
Neither before nor after that there are any restrictions. You can go about your daily life fresh and fit. We recommend you to drink a lot of water or tea after the application, so that the destroyed fat cells can flow out of your body faster.
When should I book one zone and when two?
The Cryoshaper can reduce your fat deposits and tighten your skin in different parts of your body: e.g. belly, butt, arm, chest, hips, thighs, chin and face.
A zone is a selected rectangular problem area on one of these body parts. Below you will find some examples, so you know if you want to book one or more zones and the Cryoshaper can work optimally for you:
Each bullet point describes one zone:

    • Lower abdominal area
    • Upper abdominal area
    • Chin
    • face
    • a rectangular problem area on the left thigh → the inner side OR back OR outer side forms one zone each
    • a rectangular problem area on the right thigh → the inner side OR the back OR the outer side forms one zone respectively
    • a rectangular problem area on the left upper arm → the back OR front forms a zone in each case
    • a rectangular problem area on the right upper arm → the back OR front forms one zone each time
    • chest area left
    • chest area right
    • butt area left
    • butt area right
    • hip area left
    • hip area right

For an even result, we recommend that you book two zones for problem areas on the legs, arms, chest, buttocks and hips. So, for example, if you want to get firmer and slimmer on the back of your thighs, you need two zones to shape both backs of your thighs. If you want to tighten your butt, ideally book two zones to shape both butt halves.

Note: If you want to use the Cryoshaper on your chin, please book the “double chin” zone.
We are always here to answer your questions. It’s best to book your appointment, come by and let’s discuss everything else with pleasure.

On which zones can the Cryoshaper be used?
Thanks to the different attachments, the Cryoshaper can work its wonders on the following zones:

      • belly
      • legs
      • butt
      • arms
      • chin and face

How does the Cryoshaper work?
Many researchers, including scientists at Harvard University, have discovered that fat cells react more strongly to cold than other body cells. The surrounding connective tissue and neighboring tissues tolerate the cold without any problems. They take no damage and can still be nicely tightened by the increased collagen production. A large proportion of the fat cells located in the treatment area can die off in the course of the following weeks and be flushed out of the body.
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