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The lymphatic massage

The lymph massage works with compressed air. The pressure wave massage is intended to support the body in a natural way. Applied to the upper or lower body, the lymphatic system can be stimulated and the detoxification / purification process can be stimulated.

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Experience a pleasant compression massage of up to 60 minutes. Find a program to suit your goals.

Goodbye problem zones

And this is how it works

Choose out of six applications the one that suits you best. Our team will be happy to advise you on how to reach your goal as quickly as possible.
Please wear sportswear that fully covers your arms and legs. You are welcome to change your clothes at our place. Depending on the destination, you will be dressed in the lymphatic jacket or pants for the massage.
Relax for 35 – 55 minutes. You can close your eyes in peace or watch Netflix on our TVs. Afterwards, you can get right back to work.

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Let our body hero convince you. The pressure wave massage supports your body and organism in a natural way. We are looking forward to you!
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Experience fit legs

Ideal for athletes: thanks to the pleasant compression massage, lactate is massaged out of your body and thus the muscle soreness and fatigue out of your legs.

Feel good again

Water retention in the body? The massage has a draining effect and removes water directly and efficiently through the stimulated lymphatic system.

Totally relax

The massage releases tension and blockages in the muscles. Many users use it specifically for tense legs, which often lead to restless nights & more.

Get rid of toxins

Your lymphatic system is supported and boosted. Thus, toxins flow efficiently out of the body. This is how sustainable all-round detox works.

Boost your immune system

By boosting the lymphatic system, your white blood cells can better search for pathogens. It also helps with pain and swelling after surgery.

Tone your legs

Your blood circulation is stimulated, the metabolism and the oxygen supply of the skin is improved. The optimal condition for cellulite-free, firm skin. The summer can come.

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Relaxed and powerful

Why is lymphatic massage so important?

Because a healthy lymphatic system is essential for your body to remain relaxed and efficient. Besides the blood circulation, the lymphatic system is the most important circulatory organ of the body: It cleans your tissue and protects you from diseases.

So how do you support your lymphatic system and thus the vitality of your body?
During our BOA lymphatic massage you put on a special jacket or pants – depending on which area you want to support. Compressed air is systematically pumped or released into the chambers of the pants or jacket. This creates a very pleasant pressure wave massage that supports your lymphatic system in a natural, sustainable way. This strengthens the blood circulation in your muscles, nourishes them, improves the structure of your skin and makes your body feel really light and fit. The strength of the massage is individually adjusted to your sensation.

You can choose from six types of massage. These work with different sequence of pressure points, total length and intensity of pressure. Each massage can have a positive effect on your immune system, detoxification, muscles, cellulite and your sense of well-being. Only the focus differs.

We are happy to help you

Do you still have questions?

Feel free to stop by one of our stores if your questions can’t be answered. We will be happy to advise you without obligation!

How do I book and pay for an application?
Simply click on one of the “Book appointment” buttons, select the application and a suitable date. Payment is made directly on site.
Are there any situations / circumstances under which one should not book this application?
Yes, if one or more of the following applies to you, BOA lymphatic massage is not currently appropriate for you:

  • Acute thrombosis of the deep veins,
  • Fresh venous thrombosis,
  • Advanced varicose veins of the lower extremities,
  • Advanced circulatory insufficiency with massive swelling of the lower legs,
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Atherosclerosis of the lower extremities
  • Arterial circulatory disorders,
  • Skin ulcers,
  • Skin infections,
  • Active cancer disease (not an absolute contraindication, always requires a physician’s decision),
  • Acute inflammation,
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes,
  • Intolerance of the patient to the treatment.

You are unsure? Please talk to your attending physician in advance and give us honest information during the medical history interview, so that we can guide you responsibly through the treatments.

How does the CRYOPOINT BOA lymphatic massage work and what does it do?
Our BOA lymphatic massage supports your lymphatic system. This is so important because it is the second essential circulatory organ in your body, next to the blood circulation. It removes waste products and pathogens and drains the tissue.

In the pants or jacket there are different chambers into which air is systematically injected under pressure and then released again. This pressure wave massage stimulates this circulation in a natural way and supports its function.

You can choose from six massages. In general, you benefit from all the advantages of all the different massages. Only the focus is e.g. with the one cellulite massage more on reducing your cellulite and with the sports massage on reducing your muscle soreness. Nevertheless, with the sports massage your blood circulation is stimulated, so that your cellulite can also be reduced.

How do our users benefit?

  • You feel less fatigue or tightness in your legs.
  • You can significantly reduce their water deposits in the body.
  • You can relax better and feel fitter.
  • You can boost your immune system and thus strengthen your health.
  • You can tighten your skin and enjoy less cellulite.
  • You can boost the results of our other applications.
  • You can reduce your muscle soreness and get back into shape for training faster.
  • You can spoil your body with effective detox – ciao toxins!

If you would like to do the same and you book your appointment, we will advise you on the spot which massage is right for you.

Can I expect permanent results or do I need multiple sessions?
Many users feel and see amazing changes after the first application. In general, you should always think in the long term. Your body also needs some time to fully embark on the new journey towards more vitality. If you use lymphatic massage more often in the beginning, the effects will last longer. Afterwards, you can extend the application intervals and continue to benefit from your new, more vital and happier you.
Which application from the CRYOPOINT OFFER suits me?
On our site you will find information about the procedure and effects of all applications. Just see which one attracts you.

Are you unsure? First of all: You can’t do anything wrong. Just choose the application that appeals to you the most and book your appointment. We will be happy to advise you on site about other possible combinations for your BODY-RESTART!

What should I consider before/after BOA lymphatic massage?
You don’t have to consider much beforehand. Except that you have to go to the restroom in our store. You can keep your clothes on. If you want to have your lower body massaged, we recommend that you choose legwear that does not have many buttons or hard seams. Leggings or long sports pants are optimal. This way you will avoid possible unpleasant pressure points. If you want to have your upper body massaged, please wear a top that covers your arms completely. You are welcome to change in our studio.

After the treatment it is important that you drink enough fluids. This should be in the form of water or tea. This way you support the lymph flow and the elimination of toxins.

As you can see, our BOA lymphatic massage is uncomplicated and can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. Whether shortly after work, before shopping or during your lunch break: You can come by anytime!

How does the a session work?
When you come to our store, you will first receive a warm welcome from us. If it’s your first time, we’ll talk about your goals and you’ll fill out our medical history form so that we can give you the best possible advice.

After a short introduction on how the device works, you take off your shoes and you are ready to go. We will help you into your jacket or pants and then turn on the massage that best suits your goal. The applications are varied: from supporting your body after surgery, to heavy or restless legs, to relieving your cellulite or sore muscles, and much more. We have the perfect massage for each of your goals.

During your massage, you can listen to relaxing music, continue watching your favorite Netflix series on our screens, or just relax in peace. This time belongs only to you and you can enjoy the massage in peace.

How long does the BOA lymphatic massage take?
If this is your first time, please allow an additional 10 minutes. We will use this time to talk about your goals, assess your challenges and advise you so that you see the results you want as soon as possible. Then it’s off to the BOA lymphatic massage, where you’ll spend between 35 – 55 minutes, depending on the massage you choose, supporting your body with the relaxing pressure wave massage.
Welche Massage passt zu mir?
You can choose between these massages:

  • Slim & Cellulite – ideal if you want to lose weight and prevent cellulite
  • Cellulite – here the full focus is on reducing those unwelcome dents and tightening your skin
  • Lymphatic massage according to Dr. Vodder – especially recommended after operations: With this massage you support your lymphatic system after the classic lymphatic massage.
  • Sports massage – optimal to efficiently reduce your muscle soreness
  • Relax massage – for feathery legs without varicose veins
  • Special program – massage is optimal for you if you want to support your body after cavitation or liposuction.

You are not 100% sure yet? No problem! Book your appointment and we will advise you on the spot which massage is best for you.

Are there any studies that confirm the effectiveness of the Cryoshaper?
In addition to the numerous feedbacks from our customers, there are various scientific studies on different areas of cold applications. If you want to know more, you can find an overview here: Click here.
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