Experience Cryofacial – an innovative and popular beauty treatment that offers you an alternative to expensive creams and other beauty treatments. Discover the benefits of Cryofacial now!

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Restart Your Skin – Let the cold work for you and make your face glow.

Face refresh

And this is how it works

The “ice jet” consists of liquid nitrogen. It reaches temperatures of up to -150 °C in just a few seconds. Don’t worry: it sounds extreme. But the dry cold is much more pleasant than you might think.
For the best results, we use sensitive lasers to measure the temperature of the upper skin layer during the 6-minute application. The strength of the “ice beam” is individually adjusted to you so that you experience a pleasant cold sensation.
The best thing is: you don’t have to choose a destination, because the cold works on all levels. Enjoy a refreshing wellness short trip and then start again with soft, radiant and fresh skin.

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Enjoy the 3 minute freshness boost at temperatures of up to -110 °C. Let the power of cold convince you. We are looking forward to seeing you!
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How do I book and pay for an application?
Simply click on one of the “Book appointment” buttons, select the application and a suitable date. Payment is made directly on site.
What do I have to consider before/after the Cryofacial?
You do not need to remove your makeup or do any special preparation. Just please do not apply any creams immediately before the application, this could soften the effect. Afterwards, there is nothing to pay attention to. You can start again immediately.
For whom is Cryofacial suitable?
Cryofacial is suitable for all people who care about their appearance in a healthy, sustainable and probably the most effective way.

The Beauty Star is suitable for you if you want to

  • want to reduce wrinkles in a natural way,
  • want to get rid of skin impurities,
  • want to always look as relaxed as if you had just come from a vacation,
  • you don’t want to spend money on harmful beauty methods,
  • want to have an even, young face.

What does Cryofacial do?
Cryofacial can

  • give your tired skin a fabulous freshness boost,
  • reduce dark circles and wrinkles,
  • shrink your pores,
  • reduce acne, pimples and even pigmentation spots and small scars,
  • and strengthen your skin naturally.

For beauty AND health.

Who is eligible for the trial session discount?
Outside of special promotions, the trial offer is valid for everyone who books the Cryofacial application at the respective location for the first time.
Are there any contraindications?
Only for people who have allergy to cold.
How does the Cryofacial session work?
As soon as you are with us, you will be individually advised by our great, nice team. You will lie down on a super comfortable couch and the Cryofacial jet will start to cool your skin to 15°C. Don’t worry: it doesn’t hurt. The strength of the “ice beam” is individually adjusted to you, so you experience a pleasant 6-minute cold experience. Afterwards, you can start your everyday life with a new skin feeling.
Does Cryofacial / the cold hurt?
Of course, everyone is different, so we can’t speak 100% for you now. However, almost all users are amazed at how pleasant the cold is. This is due to the fact that the Cryofacial radiates dry cold onto your skin. Some users become a little reddish in the face immediately after the Cryofacial. This is due to the increased blood flow, which can also make your skin feel promptly firmer and softer. Don’t worry, the redness also goes away quickly and the effects can stay 🙂 .
How long does the application take?
6 minutes.
How does Cryofacial work?
The Beauty Star works with nitrogen. This means that your upper skin layer can be cooled to 15 °C within a very short time. During the 6 minute application, a laser measures the temperature on your skin to achieve the optimal results. The cold can increase your collagen production, reduce swelling, remove toxins and damaged skin cells, and dry out impurities. It also stimulates blood flow to the vessels under your skin and can help you feel good.
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