Stress just floats away

Dry floating zero body

The DRY FLOATING application is the further development of the traditional floating therapy, which is considered to be one of the most effective methods for reducing stress worldwide. Numerous studies prove the effect of this application. In 25-50 minutes you can reduce your stress level many times over and thus achieve more calm, focus and direction.

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Would you like to increase your well-being and leave all the stress of everyday life behind you? Would you like to experience deep relaxation in order to regenerate and then be able to fully perform again?

On cloud nine in just 10 minutes

And that's how it works

Before a floating session on the ZEROBODY, all disturbing things such as mobile phones, watches, jewelry, etc. are removed. However, you may remain fully clothed. Then you can make yourself comfortable on the ZEROBODY.
Choose a feel-good program in the form of meditation, relaxation music or breathing exercises and relax. We start the ZEROBODY and you slowly feel yourself diving into the 35-36 degree warm water without getting wet.
After 25-50 minutes of deep relaxation, the support goes up and you can slowly stand up again. You will feel significant improvements in your physical and mental well-being after just one session.

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The feeling of weightlessness is one of the most relaxing experiences you can experience. Let the stress of everyday life disappear as if by magic. We look forward to you!
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Little break

A break is sometimes exactly what you need in the stressful everyday life. With the DRY FLOATING method, you can integrate exactly that into your day and benefit from various benefits for body and mind after just 25-50 minutes.

Stress just floats away

Especially after stressful experiences and mental strain, our users feel significant improvements and a quick regulation of inner restlessness. For more focus and balance in everyday life.

light as a feather

During the DRY FLOATING session on the ZEROBODY you feel completely weightless and light. Your central nervous system is freed from all external influences for 25-50 minutes so that you can fully relax and regenerate.

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How do I book and pay for an application?
Simply click on one of the “Book an appointment” button, select the application and a suitable appointment. Payment is made directly on site.
How does the zerobody session work?
Before a floating session on the zero body, put away all the things that are bothering you, such as your cell phone, watch, etc., and sit on the zero body. You lie down in the middle of the pad. If you like, you can use our headphones and select an individual feel-good program (e.g. music, meditation or breathing training) for your floating session. We will then start your Zerobody Floating session and you will slowly dive into the warm water without getting wet. At the end of the session, the support drives you back up and you can slowly stand up again. After just one application you will feel an improvement in your physical and mental well-being.
What does the DRY FLOATING method do?
With the DRY FLOATING application on the ZEROBODY, you will achieve more well-being in a very short time and reduce stress and blockages many times over. This method is one of the most effective ways to relax and regenerate.
How many sessions are recommended to feel permanently relaxed?
After the first application, a noticeable, regenerative effect is created. Dry floating helps the body and mind to quickly recharge their batteries. Regular repetition of the application can help to reduce stress, insomnia and chronic pain, promote concentration and attention and improve mental and physical performance over the long term. Floating makes you happy and stimulates the production of serotonin. The feel-good hormone helps people live better and face daily challenges more positively.
How long does a session last?
An effective session lasts 25-50 minutes.
What measures have you taken regarding Covid-19?
Our hygiene standards are basically Corona-compliant: We disinfect our cabins, give 1:1 appointments and our customers wear mouth-nose masks to protect their respiratory tract. Currently, we only had to expand our measures to the extent that mouth and nose protection should be worn during the entire stay.
Are there studies that confirm the effectiveness of the DRY FLOATING application?
There are a number of studies on the subject of floating that support and document the effects described. If you want to know more, you can find an overview here: Click here .
What do I have to consider before/after the application?
Before use, you should take off your shoes and clothing that is too warm. Items such as mobile phones, wallets, glasses, etc. are also discarded. Please make sure not to carry any sharp objects with you that could damage the membrane of the ZEROBODY. After use, you should make sure to get up slowly so that you do not feel dizzy.
how warm is the water
Body temperature, approx. 35-36 °C
What do you hear during the session?
You can choose from relaxing music, meditation, or calming breathing exercises during the session. Then you put on the headphones and switch off!
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